Students will have weekly readings and participant in online discussions. Also each week, students will submit an individual experience report related to the course reading that week. Students will work with teams on a midterm project and a final project. 

As a rough time allocation, students each week should dedicate 2-3 hours for readings, 1 hour for online discussions, and 1-2 hours on experience reports. Devote additional time for the midterm and final project work (those weeks we will have lighter readings and time provided for in-class work sessions).

Team Projects
  1. Midterm Project
  2. Final Project

Experience reports

  1. Meme me
  2. Who's in Charge?
  3. Total Newbie
  4. No experience report due (mid-terms)
  5. Future of Work
  6. Click and Be Counted
  7. City Crawler
  8. Love Machine
  9. Game Dynamics
  10. No experience report due (final project prep)

Grading for experience reports

For your experience reports (due Thursday before class), we will allocate points as such:
 0- if you did not make a report or posted your report after the time deadline
 1- if your report exhibits low effort, or provides only a superficial analysis of the experience.
 2- if your report exhibits a strong effort to describe your experience, deeply analyze the topic, and connect with other class materials (readings, lectures, and/or in-class discussions).