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Week Tuesday Thursday
1 Apr 3
Topic: Introduction to Social Computing
(all Lecture PDFs will be posted here after class)

Activities: syllabus, survey, icebreakers, enrollment

Apr 5
Topic: History of Social Computing

Activities: review midterm project (Social Artifact), section assignments, icebreaker, discussion sign up

Experience Report: Meme me

(PDFs here; if you can't access it, send a request through that link):
  • Kelly (2005). We are the Web.
  • Lazer et al. (2009). Computational Social Science.
2 Apr 10
 Topic:  Forming and Managing Identity

Activities: brainstorm, sketch for midterm project, form teams

Read and discuss in sections:
  • boyd (2014). It's Complicated (CH1, pages 29-53).
  • Lampe et al. (2007). A familiar face(book): Profile elements as signals in an online social network.
Apr 12
Topic: Online Experimentation

Experience Report: Who's in Charge?

Read and discuss:
3 Apr 17
Topic: Social Networks 

Quiz #1

Check out:  Video of The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William Whyte (1979)

Read and discuss:
  • Burke, Kraut & Marlow (2011). Social Capital on Facebook: Differentiating Uses and Users. 
  • Gilbert & Karahalios (2009). Predicting Tie Strength With Social Media.
Apr 19
Topic: Building Community

Activities: studio time for midterm project

Experience Report:  Total Newbie

Read and discuss:

  • Kraut, R. E., Burke, M., Riedl, J., & Resnick, P. (2012). Dealing with Newcomers In Evidence-based Social Design.
  • Bryant, S, Forte, A., Bruckman (2005).  Becoming Wikipedian: Transformation of Participation in a Collaborative Online Encyclopedia. 
4 Apr 24

Midterm presentations (Sign-up)

Apr 26
Topic:  Designing Social Systems

Activities: Review, form teams, and brainstorm for Final Project

Read and discuss: 
  • Erickson & Kellogg (2000). Social translucence: an approach to designing systems that support social processes.
  • Grevet and Gilbert (2015). Piggyback Prototyping: Using Existing, Large-Scale Social Computing Systems To Prototype New Ones.
5 May 1
Topic:  Crowdsourcing

Quiz #2

Activities: Ideation and sketching for final projects

Check out:  Luis von Ahn's talk on Human Computation


Read and discuss:
  • André et al. (2013). Community Clustering: Leveraging an Academic Crowd To Form Coherent Conference Sessions.
  • Kittur, et al. (2013). The Future of Crowd Work.
May 3
Topic: Distributed Innovation 

Activities: studio time for final project

Check out: Scratch, Johnny Cash Project, Quick Draw

Experience Report:  Future of Work

Read and discuss:

  • Settles and Dow (2013). Let’s Get Together: The Formation and Success of Online Creative Collaborations. 
  • Luther, et al. (2013). Redistributing leadership in online creative collaboration. 
6 May 8
Topic:  Political Computing

Quiz #3

Activities:  final project pitches

Final Project - Written Pitches Due

Read and discuss:

  • Grevit et al. (2014). Managing political differences in social media.
  • Mahyar et al. (2018). CommunityCrit: Inviting the Public to Improve and Evaluate Urban Design Ideas through Micro-Activities.
May 10
Topics:  Volunteering online

Activities:  final project pitches

Experience Report:  Click and Be Counted

Read and discuss:
  • Vaish (2014). Twitch crowdsourcing: crowd contributions in short bursts of time.
  • Brady, et al. (2013). Investigating the appropriateness of social network question asking as a resource for blind users.
7 May 15
Topic: Mobile Social

Quiz #4

Activities: studio time for final project

Check out:

Read and discuss: 

  • Colley et al. ( 2017). The Geography of Pokémon GO: Beneficial and Problematic Effects on Places and Movement. 
  • Quercia et al. (2014) The Shortest Path to Happiness.
May 17
Topic: Virtual Environments

Activities: studio time for final project

Experience Report: City Crawler or
Game Dynamics

Read and discuss:

  • Ducheneaut, et al. (2006) "Alone together?" Exploring the social dynamics of MMOGs. 
  • Erickson, et al. (2011). Synchronous interaction among hundreds: an evaluation of a conference in an avatar-based virtual environment.
8 May 22

Final Project: In-class prototyping (version 1)
May 24

Final Project: In-class prototyping (version 1)
9 May 29

Topics: Privacy and security 

Quiz #5


Read and discuss: 

  • Hong (2012). The State of Phishing
  • Das (2014). Increasing security sensitivity with a social proof: a large scale experimental confirmation.
    May 31

    Topics: Social Well-Being

    DUE TODAY:  
    Experience Report:  Love Machine

    Read and discuss: 
    10 Jun 5

    Final project:  In-class prototyping (v2)

    Jun 7

    Final project:  In-class prototyping (v2)

    11 Jun 12 (8-11am in HSS 1330)
    Final presentations

    Final Projects (presentation and report should cover the problem/opportunity, proposed solution, prototype, evaluation, and all process documentation)